The Sophisticated Look of High Efficiency

Engineered specifically for low-temperature hydronic applications, ThermaQuiet fan coils are an ideal complement to today's high-efficiency condensing boilers, heat pumps, and solar equipment. This stylish design uses the latest variable-speed fan technology to reduce energy consumption by up to 35% when compared to traditional heating systems, while providing one of the most efficient heat distribution systems on the market.

ThermaQuiet's integrated microprocessor control platform continuously monitors room temperatures, minimizing energy consumption while maximizing operating efficiencies. ThermaQuiet also offers an Insta-Heat function, which can override the program settings and deliver a "boost" of heat when needed. The perfect alternative to in-floor radiant systems and much more cost effective, ThermaQuiet is also capable of replacing up to 25' of traditional baseboard with a sleek European design that's aesthetically pleasing in any installation.

ThermaQuiet Fan Coil Heater

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Efficient Heat Distribution

ThermaQuiet uses an engineered fan design with curved impellers as opposed to conventional tangential fans, which just directionally "blow" air. ThermaQuiet's fan assembly generates pressure equally in all directions for uniform, precise tempered air distribution to the occupied space. Assemblies are perfectly balanced, ensuring silent operation for the life of the unit.

Comfort at Your Fingertips

ThermaQuiet's proprietary microprocessor control platform allows for custom setting overrides. and LED light indicators provide immediate performance feedback.


Incorporating ThermaQuiet into any condensing boiler application allows boilers to run at optimal efficiencies. ThermaQuiet's low-draw electrical configuration further promotes extreme efficiency. Standard units consume between 8-34 watts, which is equivalent to that of a small reading lamp.