ThermaQuiet Technology Overview

ThermaQuiet, DesignLine's new high efficiency hydronic heating unit, brings sleek European styling to any residential or light commercial application, including new construction and retrofits.

ThermaQuiet units are available in 2 sizes with output capacity ranges from 3,300 - 13,400 BTU/h. "Insta- Heat", ThermaQuiet's override function, allows an immediate override of programmed settings for an instant heat "boost" at the touch of a button. For the summer months the "Insta-Heat" setting override allows for no heat air circulation for passive summer cooling.


Elegance Rust Resistant Baseboard Radiatior

Features Attractive, European Design

  • Sleek profile offers application flexibility
  • Replaces up to 25 ft. of traditional baseboard

Provides Heating Flexibility

  • 2 sizes, deliver 3,300 - 13,400 BTU/h
  • Compatible with solar and heat pumps

Delivers Customizable Comfort

  • "Insta-Heat" overrides setting for immediate "boost" of heat
  • Microprocessor control platform
  • Cool-Touch exterior for safe operation

Simple, Cost-Effective Installation & Maintenance

  • Diagnostic and performance LED indicators
  • Less expensive than radiant flooring
Elegance Rust Resistant Baseboard Radiatior